About Us | Home care throughout Quebec!

A Story About Hearts and Bytes Coming Together

In early 2014, Percy, one of the founding members of Aidexpress understood the urgent need in developing user-friendly and easy-to-use technology focused on resolving health and wellness requests quickly and effectively across the Province of Quebec. The Aidexpress platform was designed to provide those services and to include all home care options as well. Percy was also convinced that beyond technology, the project had to at all costs, be based on strong human values. The team supporting Aidexpress is driven by the same vision, the desire to make sure that everyone who needs help at home is taken care of. While those who call on Aidexpress benefit from the best services available, the professionals who provides these also benefit from the support they require to meet the demand. This circle of care is a guarantee of success and sustainability.

The result? People who prefer, can stay in their homes longer, despite needs that require assistance. Health care providers and their teams receive the reinforcements they urgently need and Aidexpress caregivers regain control of their schedules and restore their life balance.

On the one hand, there are more and more people who need attentive health services to maintain their independence and quality of life. On the other, there are caregivers who seek balance and wish to reconnect with the human values of their initial professional commitment.

Our Mission

Independent and healthy patients and clients who stay at home as long as possible and engaged workers who are happy and satisfied with their work conditions.

Our Vision

Quickly and easily align the needs of the most vulnerable with the services of competent, professional people willing to commit to them.

How We Do It

  • We are continually developing our user-friendly and simple online platform capable of geolocating and connecting the supply and demand for services.

  • Thanks to technology, we are building a database of qualified, professional and competent workers and making it available to individuals and health institutions.

  • We employ Local Service Coordination Officers (LSCOs) to ensure service excellence is provided by the correct professional to the right person, at the optimal place and time.

  • We send our certified professionals to health care establishments requiring qualified and competent personnel, in retirement homes, in long term care facilities, in local community service centers or in hospitals.

  • We offer in-home caregivers for all individuals who need assistance with their daily living needs.

  • We offer competitive wages and benefits to workers who join the Aidexpress ranks.

Our Values